Without doubt, the best and most spectacular winter sport activities here take place in winter, including ice hockey, skating, sledging, skiing etc.

The Yabuli Ski Resort, is a good place to take part in all kinds of winter sports, including skiing, sledging and ice sailing.

Swimming in the Songhua river! Harbin residents (and brave outsiders) also test their bravery and health by leaping into the icy cold water!

In fact, the locals swim here on a fairly regular basis, claiming that the air temperature feels less Baltic after a regular dip in the freezing ice. But if you don't feel like taking part, watching can be invigorating in itself.

While Harbin is largely famous for being freezing, the summers here can also be pleasant and sweltering hot. Sun bathing, camping, hunting and barbecues are all popular in the fairer months, as is the Music Festival.
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